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These signal transmitters are synchronized by chemicals that are created by nerve cells.

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Resources: University Library, Electronic Reserve Readings, the Internet, or other resources to conduct research.Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more.Phineas Gage was a foreman working for the railroad in Vermont.

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The story of Phineas Gage, a man who changed the study of neuroscience forever after a metre-long rod fired through his skull.

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There are several ways to show how the brain cells maintain cognitive processes.In those days blasting holes was the normal procedure to gain access to lay the railroad down.

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When an individual looses their cognitive function, it affects them tremendously.

Signal transmissions are needed to pass between the left and right parts of the brain for accurate cognitive functions.In doing this paper the topics being discussed will help to better elaborate on the details of Phineas Gage.There are many cognitive functions that the brain performs on a daily basis.