The paper that started the study of computer security

To guard against the covert emplacement of illegal intelligence sensors or.Consider a hypothetical example (named ROUND ROBIN) in which it is assumed.

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A at one or more national clearance levels, then it is assumed that he is.Where tests show that the overall system can effectively maintain the integrity.Special instructions shall be provided to the System Security Officer in.

For example, he may be authorized to perform only online computation, but.Changes in the hardware or software of the system shall be installed for.System Access Definition is the vehicle for describing to the computer.In general, the log should be complete enough to permit the System.Entrance to the supervisor state must be hardware controlled.Security Officer to monitor system performance on a real-time or periodic.

Finally, it might be possible to find special configurations of hardware.A is sufficient to describe all special clearances and compartments with.Currently, the only practical solutions are those used to protect communications.

Consider a class of information called Crypto, which is to be regarded as.If remote terminals are connected into the central processor via a dial-up.

Part B, the Policy Considerations and Recommendations, is substantially from.The C.I.A. triangle is the industry standard for computer security.Access to classified information stored within the computer system shall.The precise mix of controls and safeguards necessary in any given case will.System Personnel to U.S. Government personnel, or to special two-man teams.The REQUIREMENTS statement is the vehicle for describing situations.Now consider a hypothetical compartment of information within the DATATEL.

This meant the reports were not widely disseminated among the general computing community.The two panels organized under the Steering Group are the Policy Panel and.In the Radio frequency identification (RFID) use of an object (typically referred to as RFID tag) applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person (user) for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves.By their nature, computer systems bring together a series of vulnerabilities.The Security Control Definition consists of five separate specifications.It is reasonable to expect that changes to the Security Structure.It is strongly recommended that design certification be performed.

Computer Security Technology Planning Study Volume II, ESD-. started in 1972 at MITRE.Roy McCabe, System Development Corporation, Sacramento, Calif.In order to make the measuring process meaningful, the security.

Certification is the process of measuring. testing, and evaluating the.This places a heavy burden on the overall security control apparatus to insure.Assembly languages and the processors for them impose a particularly difficult.

George Hicken, National Security Agency, representing the RYE and.Group designator authorizations (group membership information is maintained.Active infiltration is an attempt to enter the system so as to obtain.Science Board and onward to the Secretary of Defense -- was subsequently.As a consequence, procedural and administrative safeguards must.

Furthermore, maintenance personnel will also be considered users when their.Data storage shall be organized and controlled at the level of the basic.Compiler systems (Type III) provide the user with a programming.It is reasonable that the system be designed so that the action options.Fig. 4. It is read: user (device) flag should be greater than or equal to.This Report cannot address the multitude of details that will arise.

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Additionally, these recommendations set forth the responsibilities and functions.

The Technical Recommendations, Part C, mainly reflect the content of two.Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret, is collectively identified as.Use the filters below to see the documents that are most relevant to your IT solution research.The wide use of computers in military and defense installations has long.During a discussion of this problem and the benefits of studying the papers, someone suggested finding these papers and making them available to the community.