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I have taken newspaper articles (best from Kids magazines such as Time for Kids) and whited out the headlines.Click any word in a definition or example to find the entry for that word.Find sales in the food section of paper and compare with other students their savings.

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From parts newspaper business worksheets to newspaper parts videos, quickly find teacher-reviewed.Give each child a specific amount of money to spend.Each child must go through the paper locating items for sale the he or she might like to buy.

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If you wanted to use more news oriented material you could still map it.Although newspapers contain different sections and each section may have its own specific parts,.

Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of, find.I ask the children to find large numbers for math, as many as possible, write them down and read them to their partner.

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Have students draw a clock face with the time of day in the comic strip.Lesson Plan Creating a Classroom Newspaper. Instruct students to study the front page first and discuss what different parts they notice.Here are some center ideas I got from a newspapers in the classroom workshop.

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Have students find their spelling words in the newspaper, cut them out and paste them on a paper next to the written spelling words.Compute the total cost for your family at both the regular and discounted price.

This week, we had students search the newspaper headlines for words for which they knew antonyms.Drag and drop each news topic onto the correct newspaper section.List the prices from the lowest to the highest.Add up the cost of all the homes and write the total cost.Free thesaurus definition of parts of newspapers and magazines from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Publishers Limited.For example, the letter A is worth 1 cent, the letter B is worth 2 cents.

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Persuasive writing techniques and debating are perfect ways to incorporate the outside world into your classroom.View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on PARTS OF THE NEWSPAPER LESSONS PPT.

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Day 2: Writing a News Report Rough Notes Important Discovery Made By Local Student.I have also had children become journalist and submit articles about school happenings to the local newspaper.

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If you use a spelling list use a highlighter to find spelling words.

This is a worksheet with a newspaper template and key features. Features of a newspaper.Learn about vocabulary that applies to the newspaper--what a caption is, the by-line, dateline.We encourage them to try to find something that relates to something we are studying in school (though not always necessary).

Newspaper Literacy Unit (Grades 6-9). 9Identify the different parts of a news story (Day 4).

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When I student taught I did a lot of life skills stuff with my 8th graders.