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Journal of Peace Research Replication Data. 786 journal of PEACE RESEARCH 49(6) Downloaded from at Harvard Libraries on November 24, 2012.

Peer Review and Replication Data: Best Practice from Journal of Peace Research. online-only scholarly research journal of.

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Journal of Peace Research 49(5). PCJ DATA. PCJ dataset and Replication Data for JPR Article.

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Journal of Peace Research Replication Data Additional services and information for Journal of Peace Research can be found at:.Full the full replication data of the Journal of Peace Research article, see.

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Defense and Peace Economics (2003) 14(6), Journal of Conflict Resolution.

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Journal of Peace Research Replication Data. 430 journal of PEACE RESEARCH 51(3) Downloaded from at FLORIDA STATE UNIV LIBRARY on July 24, 2014.Joshi, Madhav, and Jason Michael Quinn. Journal of Peace Research 52(4): 551-562.

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Journal of Peace Research Replication Data. 776 journal of PEACE RESEARCH 47(6) Downloaded from at UNIV CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO on July 16, 2014.