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This strong fit lends credibility to the results of the experiment.The purpose of this lab is to use linear regression and data analysis to calculate the elasticity constant for a single spring and to distinquish between dependent...Being displaced furthest from the equilibrium position will set the spring into a relatively high amplitude vibrational motion.Force Constant Of A Spring Experiment Edunovus Online Smart Practicals.Chicago, IL 60639 312-804-3000 Objectives: (For grade 8 or above) To determine the spring constant of a hanging spring.As it does, the spring force acts leftward upon the rightward moving glider.If the same motion detector that collected position-time data were used to collect velocity-time data, then the plotted data would look like the graph below.An interesting application of work combined with the Force and Displacement graph is examining the force applied by a spring.

Lab 6 – Sensor Calibration and Determination of Spring

If you see greater fluctuations, the spring may be oscillating slightly or the motion detector may be misaligned.Observe that the velocity-time plot for the mass on a spring is also a sinusoidal shaped plot.You can also tape the pencil down, but be sure not to use tape that will leave permanent marks on the table.The spring constant k is equal to the slope. II. The Oscillation Period Method.This relationship is characteristic of many so-called restoring forces in nature.Chicago, IL 60639 312-804-3000 Objectives: (For grade 8 or above).

Purpose. The purpose of this lab experiment is to study the behavior of springs in static and dynamic situations.If you were to hold the bottom of the spring and pull downward, the spring would stretch.His current plot involves equipping his bird feeder with a spring system that stretches and oscillates when the mass of a squirrel lands on the feeder.The Latest Data Set shows the current measurements made with the motion detector.

The kinetic energy possessed by an object is the energy it possesses due to its motion.Yet the total amount of these two forms of mechanical energy remains constant.Once the glider passes the equilibrium position, it begins to slow down as the spring force pulls it backwards against its motion.

You can now find the angular frequency (angular velocity) of a mass on a spring, as it relates to the spring constant and the mass.The data table below shows some representative data for such an experiment.This is an arbitrary but convenient designation, as any point of the platform.You should expect to see non-linearity for weights under 1 N.

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Lay a pencil on a countertop extending over the edge a few inches.The interface and motion detector should automatically be detected and 4 columns added to the data table in a Data Set called Latest.By the time the glider has reached position E, it has slowed down to a momentary rest position before changing its direction and heading back towards the equilibrium position.General physics, astronomy, optics, statistical mechanics, electromagnetic theor.The diagram below is an energy bar chart for the air track glider and spring system.

The velocity of any moving object, whether vibrating or not, is the speed with a direction.Their greater spring constant means they exert stronger restoring forces upon the attached mass.The potential energy could be gravitational potential energy, in which case the position refers to the height above the ground.This relationship between the force applied to a spring and the amount of stretch was first discovered in 1678 by English scientist Robert Hooke.As we have seen in this lesson, vibrating objects are wiggling in place.

Here we will conduct a similar analysis for the motion of a mass on a spring.The equation that relates the amount of elastic potential energy ( PEspring ) to the amount of compression or stretch ( x ) is.

1 Determine the spring constant k of Spring 1 by using

This is to say that it would take a relatively large amount of force to cause a little displacement.In some instances, the velocity has a negative direction (the glider is moving leftward) and its velocity is plotted below the time axis.Spring Constant Formula Questions: 1) Find the spring constant of a spring if it requires a 9000 N force to pull it 30.0 cm from equilibrium.The spring constant is a positive constant whose value is dependent upon the spring which is being studied.If weights fall onto the motion detector, it could be damaged.As such, there are three dominant forces acting upon the glider.

Khan Academy is a nonprofit with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone,.Every time the spring is compressed or stretched relative to its relaxed position, there is an increase in the elastic potential energy.Published on Feb 3, 2014 This video Belongs To me and i have all rights towards the video.Prepare for your first measurement of position by suspending the weight hanger (mass of 0.0500 kg) from the spring with no additional weight.As mentioned, the glider then accelerates towards position C (the equilibrium position).A simple pendulum and a mass on a spring are classic examples of such vibrating motion.Once you have a stable reading, record it in the Position column in Spring Data Set.A mass on a spring has a single resonant frequency determined by its spring constant k and the mass m.

Hang the spring from the portion of the pencil extending over the edge.Physics: Determine spring constant Reference No:- TGS0130395.Once again, after the glider passes position C, it begins to slow down as it approaches position A.

determine the spring constant (in N/m) and the weight of

The glider will be pulled to the right of its equilibrium position and be released from rest (position A).He wishes to have the highest amplitude of vibration that is possible.To determine this quantitative relationship between the amount of force and the amount of stretch, objects of known mass could be attached to the spring.There is however a change in the position of the mass relative to its equilibrium position.